What Is Postpartum Compression Shapewear, What Are the Precautions for Purchasing and Wearing?

What Is Postpartum Compression Shapewear, What Are the Precautions for Purchasing and Wearing?


Postpartum shapewear can help postpartum women dress better and recover better. Below we introduce some precautions for wearing postpartum shapewear to help you use it better.

What Is Postpartum Compression Shapewear, What Are the Precautions for Purchasing and Wearing?
What is Postpartum Compression Shapewear?

Quite simply, postpartum shapewear is a postpartum undergarment that helps you temporarily shape and smooth your body postpartum by compressing your body and redistributing your flesh. They accentuate your natural curves while minimizing or concealing those parts you don't normally like when you're wearing tight clothes.

Historically, women have worn postpartum shapewear, known as shapewear, long ago. Until many celebrities mentioned it in public, they really became popular, it tightened the waist and flattened the lower abdomen. However, over time, corsets have become obsolete in favor of other types of postpartum shapewear that are easier to put on and more comfortable.

Thankfully, today's postpartum shapewear is just as comfortable thanks to recent advances in fabric technology. However, they can still make your body look great and help your clothes fit better. As a result, countless postpartum mothers often have postpartum shapewear in their wardrobe, whether it's a full-body suit or a simple postpartum belt.
There Are Two Products to Choose From:

Postpartum Side Zip Body Shaper 

Postpartum shapewear has 3 layers of cloth in the tummy to provide modest compression. Not only a butt lifter but also great to tighten your tummy, making your abdomen flatter.

1. Comfortable Skin-Friendly Material: Shapewear for Women is made of lightweight, soft, and breathable 30% spandex & 70% nylon which is for strong elasticity. It feels like a comforting hug and gentle touch on your skin, bringing you a whole day of comfort and confidence. Keep an hourglass figure in your relaxed life, and look gorgeous and sexy on all occasions.

2. Special Premium Quality Design: These body shapers for women use detachable and adjustable straps to give you a variety of flexible uses. There are plastic bones on both sides of the waistband to prevent curling. A stylish side zipper and buckle design is great for postpartum repair to reduce friction with the wound. Single-layer fabric on the buttocks with high elasticity, increases the space for your bum, to shape a perfect apple butt curve.

3. Body Shaper & Posture Corrector: Bodysuit has 3 layers of cloth in the tummy to provide modest compression. Not only a butt lifter, but also great to tighten your tummy, making your abdomen flatter and reducing your waistline. It can also improve your posture, relieve back pain, and create a perfect hourglass curve.

Postpartum Tummy Control Shapewear

Seamless Shapewear can effectively control the belly and flatten your abdomen, getting rid of the "Muffin Top" Bulge.

1. Butt lifting Shapewear: High stretch fabric, full butt shape stitching panty, helps to tighten your bottom and lift your butts, keep it always stay in right place, gives you the curves you want, makes your butts look bigger and sexier, and more beautiful. Let you get the perfect hourglass shape immediately!

2. Body Shaper for Women: Butt lifter shapewear with the most scientific design, tummy control shapewear can firmly control the abdomen, raises the buttocks, and tighten the thighs. Mid-thigh length slimmer will not roll down or up and no rubbing thighs, look good in any dress or outfit and make you more confident. 

3. Suitable For Any Occasion: Dress your shapewear daily life or with a new look on special occasions like birthdays, parties, weddings, etc. Nobody knows you’re wearing it, but they will notice your erogenous curves. Give you more self-confidence, make you more beautiful and personality.
Wholesale Postpartum Side Zip Body Shaper | Shape The Perfect Hourglass Figure
Postpartum shapewear has 3 layers of cloth in the tummy ,great to tighten your tummy and making your abdomen flatter.
Custom Postpartum Extreme Tummy Control Shapewear For Dresses | Hide Sag Underarm And Back Fat
3 front hooks and 7pcs steel bones can effectively hides sagging underarm & back fat to make your body no lumps and bumps.
Precautions for Wearing Postpartum Shapewear

1. If it is a natural birth mother, you can wear shapewear after more than 1 month, and it is best to wait for the body to recover before using it. Because the production of corsets has a certain pressure on the body, it can tighten the fat and loosen the flesh. After giving birth, the body is still relatively weak, and the natural recovery of function will make the body healthier.

2. If it is a mother who has a cesarean section, it is the best time to recover after 6 months of delivery, and you can wear shapewear. Because you have to wait for the wound on the cesarean section to heal, the energy consumed and the endocrine effect will put the body in a state of high metabolism. After the cesarean section wound has healed, wearing a shapewear will help to return the internal organs that were displaced during pregnancy, and also help to speed up the discharge of lochia.

3. Keep the postpartum shapewear clean and hygienic. When wearing shapewear after childbirth, pay attention to ventilation to prevent excessive heat and excessive sweat, which may cause wound inflammation. Note that the shapewear must be changed and washed frequently and kept dry.

4. If you have heart disease, asthma, and other diseases, it is not suitable to wear shapewear. Women with sensitive skin should choose carefully.

Precautions for the Purchase of Postpartum Shapewear

1. Consider your own needs before purchasing, and ask yourself what effect you hope to achieve through these products.

2. Don't expect the effect of the product too much, so as not to fail to achieve the expected effect at that time and cause your own psychological imbalance. Have confidence in your body.

3. Products that are not necessarily expensive are more effective. You need to shop around and buy products that suit you.
4. To buy products that have no problem with the source and have a brand name.

5. Don't buy too tight products in order to achieve the effect quickly, so as not to hurt the body.

6. When using the product, use it as an auxiliary product, and do not use the product as the only body sculpting tool.

7. Choose postpartum shapewear with a special design to facilitate women to go to the toilet.
Like our Postpartum Mid Thigh Body Shaper, designed with adjustable and detachable shoulder straps to maximize your comfort while wearing this postpartum shaper. The open crotch design makes it easy for women to go to the toilet. Boning at the sides of the waist prevents rolling up. The hip-lifting pleat design can make your butt look bigger and sexier. A true circle is a wonderful natural curve, the most basic concept of female beauty, our high waist shapewear can shape your perfect figure.