C-section Postpartum Shapewear Guide

C-section Postpartum Shapewear Guide


Women all over the world choose to wear postpartum shapewear after giving birth. Regardless of age, shape, size or race, we should all join them. This is a personal power we all have the right to embrace, especially after becoming a new mom!

C-section Postpartum Shapewear Guide
Women all over the world choose to wear postpartum shapewear after giving birth. Regardless of age, shape, size, or race, we should all join them. This is a personal power we all have the right to embrace, especially after becoming a new mom!

Being a new mom can be difficult at first. You are experiencing unprecedented feelings, you are overwhelmed, you are suffering from sleep deprivation, and you may even be experiencing mood swings. You want to know if you will be able to return to the way you used to feel and look. Remember: Therapy is a full-time job. A mental, emotional and physical feeling that requires dedication and time.

Do you worry about what people will think after giving birth? "I'm still too fat to wear that skirt" or "I'm not confident enough to put on that pair of jeans" sound familiar? The worst thing you can do as a new mom is a worry about your physical and mental transformation. We know that is easier said than done. Most importantly, you need to accept the fact that you can absorb a lot at once. It's natural to have a hard time adjusting to a new life, new baby, new body, and mindset. Remember; a lot of women today, right now, experience those exact feelings of fear and excitement at the same time. In all the chaos, please don't lose yourself, and don't forget to take care of yourself. 

Protecting your body, eating healthy, nutritious foods, and doing home exercise play an important role in getting back in your pre-pregnancy shape. Maybe you might not want to go back to your pre-pregnancy figure. Maybe you've been inspired to have a fresh start, just get through this post-pregnancy state and embrace your new body! Regardless of whether you decide to receive our support, you should feel comfortable, confident, and beautiful!

Cesarean section compression garments are designed to make the recovery process comfortable and safe.

The open-bust design allows you to wear your own bra

Open Gusset (on some outfits)

Promotes blood flow

Improve posture and mobility

Reduces back pain.

Stabilize the pelvic floor.

3 front hooks and 7 spiral steel body shapers can help you effectively hide sagging underarm and back fat

Provides vital support to your abdominal muscles to aid in healing or to make exercising more comfortable.

High resistance and durability, breathable fabric

Most of our postpartum garments feature external seams for complete comfort and a stealthy look with high compression and a tight fit.
Is postpartum shapewear necessary?

We believe the answer to this question is, yes! Your body changes after giving birth, and postpartum shapewear can help your body return to its pre-pregnancy stage.

Postpartum shapewear makes you feel comfortable after giving birth, as your body seems wobbly and in excruciating pain. The purpose of this dress is to keep your bits and pieces until full recovery.

Segment C? Shapewear creates a cushion between your stitches and your regular clothing. This will help you make fashion decisions without irritating the stitches!

Our postpartum garments greatly help restore your pre-pregnancy posture. As a gentle reminder to expand your shoulders, lift your chin, sit up straight, and show the world your proud mom face

Wearing shapewear after pregnancy can help restore confidence.

What are the characteristics of our postpartum shapewear?

Open bust

Our postpartum recovery garments are all designed with an open bust, allowing you to match them with your own bra. We don't want to limit your style choices. Pretty sure you have more things to worry about than how to hide your shapewear and not be able to wear your favorite top.

Three different compression levels

Choose your own compression lady! We offer three compression levels. This garment can be worn throughout your postpartum recovery, allowing you to pace yourself through three levels of compression. We strongly recommend that you start with a loose 1st hook and work your way up to a 3rd hook as you gradually recover and lose weight.

Comfortable and skin-friendly material

Our postpartum shapewear is made from lightweight, soft, breathable 30% spandex and 70% nylon with great stretch. It feels like a cozy hug and soft touch, giving you comfort and confidence throughout the day. Keep your hourglass figure in an easy life and look gorgeous and sexy on any occasion.

The above briefly introduces the necessity of postpartum shapewear for cesarean section. If you want to customize or buy postpartum shapewear, please contact us.

Sheinshaper is a professional custom postpartum recovery garment manufacturer. In order to provide you with high-quality wholesale postpartum recovery garments, our strict and experienced QC team has carried out 5 processes in raw material, printing, cutting, sewing, packaging inspection, etc. Strict quality inspection. All of our fabrics are tested for toxic chemicals, carcinogenic and allergenic dyes. Our desire is to help more postpartum mothers get back in shape and healthy.
Wholesale Postpartum Mid Thigh Body Shaper | Enhance Abdominal Compression
Shapewear is designed with 3 layers of fabric to enhance abdominal compression, hook & eye closure for great fit to your body
Wholesale Postpartum Full Body Tummy Control Shapewear | Provide Firm Control On Belly
Tummy control shapewear is 3 rows of hook & eye closure to ensure you can fit it at most extent,both long torso & short torso.
Custom Postpartum Extreme Tummy Control Shapewear For Dresses | Hide Sag Underarm And Back Fat
3 front hooks and 7pcs steel bones can effectively hides sagging underarm & back fat to make your body no lumps and bumps.