What is the Best Postpartum Belt?

What is the Best Postpartum Belt?


This article is your guide to buying the best postpartum belts. A careful reading of this dos and don't list will help you determine the best postpartum belt for your recovery needs.

What is the Best Postpartum Belt?
Postpartum Belt
Ever wonder how celebrity moms, Jessica Alba, Kim Kardashian, and Jennifer Garner are so quick to get back to their pre-pregnancy bodies? These moms wore postpartum belts to reduce bloating and inflammation. It also allows them to exercise faster to lose the stubborn baby weight.

Thanks to the internet, postpartum belts is no longer the best-kept secret exclusive to celebrity moms. They're becoming more accessible, but with increased accessibility, many products claim to provide high-quality postpartum support when in reality they're just regular belts -- yes, there's a difference.

Just as every woman's body and pregnancy experience is unique, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to buying a postpartum belt.

This article is your guide to buying the best postpartum belts. A careful reading of this dos and don't list will help you determine the best postpartum belt for your recovery needs.

Why choose a postpartum belt  instead of a sweat waist trimmer or bodyshaper?

When you're researching to buy the best postpartum belt, you'll come across many different styles on the market.

The main difference is the design, which ultimately dictates how much compression and supports the garment can provide to your postpartum belly.

Postpartum belts provide the highest level of compression as abdominal binders. The waistband covers the torso from below the bra line and is built into the undergarment for maximum support and coverage. Because it has the highest level of compression, you get great lower back strengthening and extra support for your abdominal muscles, making it ideal for rectal separations and C-section recovery.

One of the design flaws is that many women find it difficult to secure the garment around their midriffs while going about their daily activities, and they tend to shift while they sleep. If your clothes are not positioned correctly, then you will miss out on the benefits of compression for postpartum abdominal and back support.

6 postpartum belt shopping tips

Shopping for postpartum belts isn't a science -- but it does require attention to detail and some online research. The fact that you have read this article means you are off to a good start. Here are 6 postpartum belt shopping tips to help you choose the right postpartum products.

1. Look for products designed for postpartum belly

Make sure you're looking for postpartum recovery clothing, not just shapewear. Postpartum clothing is designed to support a woman's body and the many changes you experience after pregnancy.

You'll find the design features of the postpartum belt will make your life so much easier, such as the added back support panel and crotch opening that accommodates plenty of flow pads to prevent leaks.

2. Versatility of garment adjustability

Your body changes a lot after pregnancy. To get the most out of your postpartum belt, make sure the garment is adjustable. As you continue to wear the postpartum girdle, you will notice that your waistline is getting smaller and smaller. Having an adjustable corset allows you to change the tension as your body shrinks.

3. If you can afford it, buy multiple sizes

Check to make sure clothing styles are available in a variety of sizes - there is no high-quality, one-size-fits-all fit for your post-pregnancy body. Moms find it helpful to buy two belts - one to wear right after childbirth when swelling is at its peak. A second size maintains the benefits of compression therapy as you continue to lose weight.

4. Take measurements in the eighth month of pregnancy

We recommend taking your measurements around 34 weeks into your pregnancy, as this is usually your size immediately after giving birth. Use a clothing tape measure at home to measure.

5. Buy only FDA-registered postpartum abdominal devices

Check that the garment is an FDA-registered device. Healthcare professionals recommend these postpartum garments for women's post-pregnancy support as it provides medical-grade compression to support abdominal muscles, minimize back pain, and reduce swelling.

6. Read product reviews

You'll find the online mom community in the health and wellness field very supportive. We recommend checking out product reviews to learn more about the product you're about to buy to see if it will give you the support you need.

How to start wearing a postpartum belt?

You can start wearing the postpartum belt as soon as you give birth - if you have a cesarean section, make sure you get your doctor's approval. You'll get the best results from pressure therapy when you start wearing the band when your swelling is at its peak and wear it all day and night.

If you bought two postpartum belts, you'll want to start wearing the one that measured your belly around 34 weeks pregnant -- because your waist and hips get bigger around your due date. Wearing shapewear for at least 30 days will help reduce the appearance of your belly and reduce swelling with long-lasting results.

When most of your swelling has subsided, moms will switch to a smaller belt size - usually, they will choose the one they think will provide the best support for the workout, because, at this point, you should be able to use go.

Velcro, and compression linings may seem intimidating at first, but we promise putting on the belt is easier than you might think.


Overall, the best postpartum belt will depend on the support you're looking for in your clothing. No matter which style you choose, postpartum beltcan help you get back into your postpartum body faster and boost your confidence during your postpartum recovery. If you are planning to purchase postpartum belt products, please contact us.

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