4.How do you use the bathroom wearing shapewear?

4.How do you use the bathroom wearing shapewear?

If you're wondering how on earth you're going to go to the bathroom while you’re wearing bodyshapers, our Shapewear is designed to allow for this without removing the entire piece, it's bathroom-friendly shapewear with an opening in the crotch for easy use.

For anyone who wears shapewear daily, you know that it can be difficult to relieve yourself when wearing the garment. Therefore, finding solutions to take care of your personal needs and avoid embarrassment is essential.

The crotch part of our shapewear was made by the zipper or 3 rows hook, no need to take off the whole shapewear bodysuit, just open the zipper and hook, it's convenient for you to use in the washroom. 

Shapewear might be a good idea to wear if you're going to be around a lot of people that will judge your body; the point of it is to make you feel better about yourself and it doesn't rid you of your fat or cellulite; it just smooths over the skin and makes it look like there isn't any! 

Our shapewear is perfect for:

1. Brides who are worried about getting in and out of their shapewear and wedding dress just to pee.
2. Business women who need trips to the ladies room to be quick and easy.
3. Ladies out on the town who don't want to undress in less-than-optimal public restrooms