3.How to pick the right shapewear style for my needs?

3.How to pick the right shapewear style for my needs?

Our shapewear is designed in 3 control levels, so, which level should you choose?

You need to find your balance for comfort VS the results you wish to achieve. 

Light control---Smooths provides Light control.
This level control gently hide your bloat, fat and folds and provides for a very natural look. Because they are elastic and do not have closures or hooks, they provide an invisible effect and not noticeable under clothing. Perfect for women who want to wear shapewear but who feel uncomfortable feeling tight. 

Medium control---Shapes provides medium control
This level control give better control over the area you want to trim, eliminating bumps and bulges, but without sacrificing comfort. Because they have adjustable zippers or hooks to tighten the shapewear to make the body gradually accustomed to compression. This is one of the best shapewear control level to wear.

Firm control---Sculpts provides firm control
This level control offers the high degree of compression and sculpting, suitable for the people who accustomed to the continuous use of control garments, we added soft bone inside to create the desired lines you want it, and making you look tone, sensual and and voluptuous while still allowing you to feel comfortable.