1.What is the Postpartum Abdominal Binder?

1.What is the Postpartum Abdominal Binder?

When you’re pregnant, your body grows and stretches to accommodate your baby. Organs move out of their normal position, and even your abdominal muscles separate to make space.

After giving birth, your body needs to move those muscles and organs back to their original position. When done properly, belly binding applied to the abdomen and around the hips can provide support to your pelvic floor. It also offers gentle compression that holds muscle and ligaments safely in place as your body heals, and also help to hold the muscles together and speed up that closure.

Postpartum belly binding can be a useful tool,usually,your separated stomach muscles will go back into place by eight weeks postpartum.  If you still have an obvious gap between your muscles after eight weeks,the best way to recover from severe diastasis recti is to see a physical therapist who specializes in postpartum recovery.

Here are more benefits to using an after-birth belly wrap:

  • 1)Helps relieve pain
  • 2)Helps you get moving
  • 3)Helps increase blood flow
  • 4)Helps muscles and incision heal
  • 5)Lowers swelling from surgery
  • 6)Helps with posture